Monday, August 3, 2009

My First Project!

I'm not the most creative of people, but I figured I would like to try my hand at making a very basic blanket for my niece when her daughter was born in May.

It's not good to look at the detail of my handy-work, but I thoroughly enjoyed the process, found it very relaxing and loved the end result. (I am very easily pleased). But I loved the feel of the blanket and liked the colours.

Here's the finished product.

I shipped it off to England at a cost of $40 just to get it over there and told my mum to expect it at the beginning of May.

It never arrived. :o{

I tried very hard not to care. Told myself that the process of making it had been a blessing and I should just let it go. But at the back of my mind - I was disappointed my niece hadn't been able to give this to her baby, Katelyn.

Anyway - I had lost all hope of ever seeing the blanket again - when on Saturday 1st August a package arrived for me. My blanket had been returned.

I'm over the moon. :o}


Emily Anne Leyland ( Art-n-Sewl) said...

Oh my heck!! That is crazy!! It is beautiful and I am so glad you got it back. By the way- thank you for the beautiful letter. It is in between my journal pages ;)

Ina said...

Wow... Joanne, this is lovely! I really love it! What a pity it never arrived at your moms house for your niece! By the way: Is it Charlotte you are talking of?
Love, Ina

Mac said...

Hey Ina

Yes it is Charlotte. I can't believe how you remember names Ina!! She now has two children, Joshua is 3 and now she has Katelyn.

Ina said...

Unbelievable she got two kids now! I remember her being in primary with us! Is she still living with your mother?