Monday, July 20, 2009

Getting to Know You

Took us a little while to decide whether or not to have an Exchange Student from china. But we took the plunge when Oliver came back from a business trip to China and we thought it might be a good experience.

The kids particularly have been really looking forward to our 'student' coming. I wasn't sure if having her for the whole 3 weeks would be a good idea. We did have the chance to just have her for a week and a half. Anyway - we found out that Oliver would be away for the 3 weeks the student would be here - so we decided to have her for the whole time.

Well, the time was here before we knew it and Fanny arrived on Tuesday of this week.

I love Fanny. I feel like I have known her all my life. Emily was the most excited to have her in our home. Here they are together working on an assignment that Fanny had been given from school.

Then Cassie, Emily's very good friend from church, joined us on Friday. She will also be staying with us until the end of July. As you can imagine - Emily is having a blast.

I think life's going to seem way too quiet when Fanny and Cassie leave at the end of the month.

Perhaps we should try for a couple of more kids when you get back Oliver.


Caroline said...

Funny you say that because I was thinking about it this week. Especially with Lucy's sweet comment about how excited she was that her family was going to grow by two people! If anything once they have left your house will seem MUCH quieter. Hope Emily is having a fabulous birthday today!

Oliver said...

This site is blocked in China, so I couldn't see anything for a week. In Holland now and so I am catching an update.
Not sure about the more kids thing! Maybe I should extend my trip until you get over it!
More blogs please!!!