Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Em's First Decree

Emily's first decree after becoming a teenager, was that we needed to paint her room.

Not a job I particularly looked forward to without Oliver being here to help - but all my other little helpers were so excited, that we decided to get it done anyway.

Oliver hasn't seen it yet and perhaps on seeing this blog, and seeing the kiddies help, he may at this moment be having a heart attack.

But fear not - memories were made, we had a blast, and we have a very happy teenager in the house. AND WE DID A REALLY GOOD JOB.

Having had her room painted - Emily has decided to turn her room into a bit of a project. She is going to paint her skirting boards, sand down her bed side table and paint it, and take some pictures of her own to put on her walls. I'm very excited to see her take control like this. She even wants to spend some of the money she has earned babysitting, on new bedding.

Looking forward to posting the end result!


Caroline said...

I LOVE IT! Well Done Emily! It's it wonderful to have your own space feel like you?? I'm so excited to see the end result!

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